• No need for registration, you can register if you want the seller to contact you
  • Browser through the products on the shop,
  • If interested in a product click on it to view more details about the product
  • Contact seller of the product you want to buy
  • You can also contact the seller to make specific inquiries about the product



  • Register as a seller here
  • You will be assigned a mini-store profile
  • On registration provide all the required information including you contact information to allow customers to contact you
  • you can add a seller logo and cover image for your seller profile
  • After your registration and profile is complete, you can start adding products
  • You can specify the price for your products and currency (the marketplace is multi-currency meaning users can view prices in multiple currencies)
  • As a seller you can specify other details of the product including attributes and quantity in the product description
  • Once you publish your product it is submitted for review first before it’s visible to the public,
  • After approval your product will be visible on your store page